Cherry Picking



Cherry picking is strenuous and physically challenging, it requires a good level of health and fitness. It involves a small amount of ladder work and carrying picking buckets with fruit that can weigh up to 7-8kg, but feel like 20kg by the end of the day!


The most successful cherry pickers are consistent, motivated, meticulous and hard-working. They can achieve anything from 20 to 60 lugs per day.


Hallmark receives thousands of online picking applications world-wide. We are fair and equitable in our selection process. In a selection process we believe in selecting the right person for the job as we only require 160 picking employees to become part of our harvest team (The Cherry Bunch).


We pride ourselves in selecting professional pickers that boast a wealth of knowledge to our orchard and that will integrate well into our team and look after our trees for future years.


We allow a small number of new pickers to join our Team. They are shown in the induction how to pick, but also gain knowledge from watching other experienced pickers. It can take a couple of days to develop picking techniques during which time 12 to 18 lugs would be expected.


When: Approximately 8th November to 8th January (9 weeks)


Pay: Piecework Rates per water-level-filled lug. A lug holds approximately 15kg of Cherries.


Hours: Pickers are expected to work 5 days per week, but it is up to the individual if they choose to work 7 days per week. Hours of work are determined by Management but are usually from 6am to 3pm.


Transport: You must have your own motor vehicle or share a motor vehicle with 2-4 other people. You must organise your transport before you arrive at the property.


When to Arrive: Picking Arrivals are notified when to arrive on the Picking Acceptance email, usually on a Tues or Wed prior to 3pm and must report to the Hallmark Office on arrival.


What to Bring:

  • Sunscreen SPF 50+ (recommended by the Cancer Council Of Australia)
  • Broad Brimmed Hats  7.5cm for an adult (recommended by the Cancer Council Of Australia)
  • Sunglasses  Category 2 Wrap around (recommended by the Cancer Council Of Australia). The sunglasses assist in preventing tree debris in the eye and for sun protection.
  • Long Sleeved Shirts with a Collar
  • Long Pants or Long Shorts
  • Non-slip Covered Footwear eg. Sports runners or Work boots
  • Containers for Water (You must take more than 4 Litres of Water per day with you)
  • Work permits as per Work Entitlement Checklist
  • Proof of Picking Acceptance