PAYG Tax Summaries


PAYG TAX SUMMARIES are provided to every employee with their last payslip on completion of employment. It is therefore important that you keep this in a safe place. If you wish to leave early and not wait for your last payslip & PAYG Tax Summary then you need to make arrangements with the office prior to leaving, otherwise it will cost you an administration fee.


  • If you or an agent* acting on your behalf requests a current PAYG Tax Summary or a past years PAYG Tax Summary this will now incur a $25 administration fee to retrieve a document from archives. 
  • To obtain a PAYG Tax Summary contact Lucinda via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with your full details. Lucinda will provide you with North Koepang P/L bank particulars to deposit the $25 administration fee. Once you have deposited the money, email Lucinda to let her know and when the administration fee money is received the PAYG Tax Summary will be emailed as an attachment to you on the next working day (Wednesday fortnightly).






Our default superannuation fund is Australian Super  or   Sunsuper





Second Year Visa or 1263 Forms


There is no longer a requirement for Employers /businesses to complete the 1263 forms. You need to retain all your Payslips for each week you work and your PAYG Tax Summary on completion of Employment with us and these documents are the evidence you require when applying for your second year visa. The Payslips provides vital information of the company details incl ABN and days worked when lodging your application.



 Form Fill


*An agent acting on your behalf must provide a signed “Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative” form.